Dual Capsule On- Camera Directional Condenser Microphone


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Vmic4 is a camera-mountable dual-capsule directional condenser microphone, capturing high-quality sound from both front and rear sides. An extra 3.5mm input jack allows users to add an extra Lavalier mic or wireless mic to support various applications. A switchable gain control (-10dB/0dB/+10dB) and a low-cut filter (200Hz) give you access to tailor the output as you need. The 3.5mm headphone jack supports real-time monitoring. With a 3.5mm TRS output cable and a 3.5mm TRRS output cable included, it is compatible with smartphones and cameras. Its integrated cold-show mount could allow users to attach external accessories like light, monitor, etc. Vmic4 provides a great audio solution for multi-person recording, vlogging, mobile journalism, live streaming, and much more.


  • Dual-Capsule condenser microphone for picking up sound from front and rear.
  • Real-time talkback communication between the transmitter and the receiver.
  • Off/ON/MULTI mode switch.
  • Gain control ( -10dB/0dB/+10dB ).
  • Low-cut filter (200Hz).
  • Extra cold shoe mount for attaching accessories like light, monitor, etc.
  • 3.5mm headphone jack for real-time monitoring.
  • Powered by an AAA battery


What’s in the box:

  • Vmic4 × 1
  • Carrying Case×1
  • Furry Windshield×1
  • 3.5mm TRRS to 3.5mm TRS Cable for Camera×1
  • 3.5mm TRRS to 3.5mm TRRS Cable for Smartphone×1





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