PhotoMed Anterior Contrasters- Classic


PhotoMed Anterior Contraster classic

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PhotoMed Anterior Contrasters: are designed to allow upper anterior photos to be taken with a completely black background. This obscures the inside of the mouth and makes the image more presentable for patients, lectures and publications.

The Anterior Contraster can also help show incisal translucency.

The Anterior “Classic” Contraster is made of anodized aluminum.


  • Do not use a washing machine. Hand wash with water and soap. (do not scrub with a scrubbing brush or brush.)
  • Maximum allowable temperature 135°C Sterilization time within 15 minutes (Dry the Contraster completely before sterilization.)
  • Can be sterilized with alcohol. (Photomed Contrasters are autoclave only – no chemical or cold sterilization)

Photomed Contrasters are autoclave only – no chemical or cold sterilization.

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