Photomed Polar Eyes Cross Polarization filter- for Sigma EM-140 DG and Metz 15 MS-1


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Photomed Polar Eyes Cross Polarization filter makes it easy to eliminate unwanted reflections on the teeth that are caused by the flash. These specular highlights can obscure details in the teeth and cause problems when communicating with the lab. The polar_eyes filter also makes it easier to monitor and document demineralization and decalcification white spot lesions (WSLs).

The filter attaches to your macro flash by small magnets. This allows the filter to be quickly attached or removed for patient photos.

The polar_eyes filter is available to fit the following macro flashes: Canon MR-14EX, Canon MR-14EX II, Canon MT-24EX, Canon MT-26EX-RT, Meike MK-MT24 kit, Metz MS-1, Nikon R1 / R1C1 system, Nissin MF18, Sigma EM-140DG, Yongnuo YN24EX as well as Canon, Godox, Nikon and Nissin wireless flashes when used with the PhotoMed R2 bracket.

Benefits of a Cross polarization filter: 

Cross polarization filter covers the flash and the lens, by doing this it suppresses unnecessary reflection which helps with observing the internal structure more deeply and accurately capturing the transparency and colour tone. This can help with subsequent treatment and prosthesis production.

Mounting method

  • There is a metal part for attaching a magnet on the back of the product, and an adhesive magnet with the same diameter is attached there.
  • Peel off the protective sheet while the magnet is attached to the magnet mounting part.
  • Install the attachment ring and flash in the state of (2). Make sure the adhesive magnet, attachment ring, and flash are firmly fixed, then remove the Polar Eyes.
  • Magnets are attached to the attachment ring and flash, so the Polar Eyes can be removed at any time.

Note: For side flashes Polar Eyes are designed to attach  to the attachment ring. This works for systems such as R1 or R1C1 , however for the SB-R200 alone, the Nikon SX-1 attachment ring will be needed.

What’s in the box

  • Cross polarization filter.


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