PHOTOMED R2-NB Ball Head Bracket (Nikon)


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The PhotoMed R2-NB Ball head Dual Point Flash Bracket allows you to position small, lightweight flash heads on either side of the lens for intraoral views or separate them by as much as 24 inches for anterior esthetic views and lab communication.

The bracket utilizes tension hinges between the bracket arms that allow you to change their position while maintaining tension so that the arms do not move while you are shooting.

The R2NB Bracket is the Nikon version and features a flash mount that is specifically for the Nikon SB-R200. This Nikon flash can be purchased individually and it is also part of the Nikon R1 and R1C1 packages.The Nikon version is also used for the Meike MK-MT24 macro flashes.

The Meike system uses the same flash mount as the Nikon SB-R200. Meike has released Nikon, Canon and Sony versions of the MK-MT24 and all of them use the same flash mount and will need the R2-N bracket.

If you are using a mirrorless camera you will need the R2 Mirrorless Adapter Kit along with the R2 Bracket: The kit adds a plate between the camera and the R2 Bracket that adds the space necessary so that the bracket does not contact the macro lens (this kit is not part of the R2 Bracket and needs to be seperatly purchased).

Key features

  • The R2NB Ball Head version (R2N-BH) has a Nikon flash mount to use the same flash mount and will need the R2NB bracket.
  • The R2NB – Ballhead Bracket – Each arm of the bracket has two sections with tension hinges in between and at both ends. The flash heads sit on ball heads which add vertical flash positioning (see animated image below). Separate the flashes up to 24 inches apart or bring the flashes in close to the lens.

Key benefits of Ball head:

  • Regular brackets have 2 axes, and ball head bracket can be adjusted more freely.
  • By adjusting the angle and distance, it is possible to prevent surface reflections.

Note: Please check the combination of flash, lens, camera body, etc., to ensure compatibility of the equipment required for your work flow and environment.

There are two types of hot shoe, U type and N type.

  • U type = Canon MT-24EX , Canon 270EX II.
  • N type = A type that matches the shape of Nikon SB-R200 (R1, R1C1) only.

What’s in the Box

  • 1 x PHOTOMED R2NB Ball Head Bracket.




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