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PhotoMed Soft Contraster Set of three :Includes (Anterior, Occlusal and Buccal/Lingual contrasters)

Anterior  “Soft” Contrasters are designed to allow upper anterior photos to be taken with a completely black background. This obscures the inside of the mouth and makes the image more presentable for patients, lectures and publications. The Anterior Contraster can also help show incisal translucency.

The Occlusal “Soft” Contrastor is designed to simplify taking occlusal mirror views – the curved end lifts the lip away to keep it away from the teeth and prevent it from folding over the incisal edge. It also prevents lips, nostrils and mustaches from appearing in the photo.

Includes three sizes (45mm, 55mm and 65mm) in one piece (as per image)

The Buccal / Lingual “Soft” Contraster is designed to make the images more presentable. The tapered end slides down the buccal corridor and the notched end is inserted behind the teeth.

“Soft” Contrasters are made of malleable stainless steel covered by black silicone. This makes it more comfortable for the patient and it can be bent (as shown above) for easier positioning. Includes adult and pedo sizes in one piece.

Photomed Contrasters are autoclave only – no chemical or cold sterilization.

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