TransMount Quick Release Base Plate for Crane 3LAB & Crane3S


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  • The TransMount Quick Release Baseplate from Zhiyun-Tech is designed to let you easily move your camera between the gimbal and the TransMount Multifunctional Camera Belt or Gimbal Bag. On one side, the baseplate accepts the mounting plate of the WEEBILL LAB, Crane 3-Lab, or Crane 2, and on the other side it features a latch that lets you attach onto the straps provided on the outside of the belt and bag. In this way, when you pack away your gimbal or put it away temporarily, you can keep the camera handy without having to remove the gimbal mounting plate. The latch, which is made of metal, securely locks when you push it in and unlocks at the press of two pins on the sides.
  • Latches onto TransMount Belt or Bag.
  • Accepts Gimbal Mounting Plate.
  • Moves Camera between Gimbal & Belt/Bag.
  • Secures to Hanging Straps on Belt/Bag.


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