XTAR SN4: 5-in-1 Multi Camera Battery Charger, Portable, Adaptive & Modular for Photographers & Videographers


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XTAR SN4: 5-in-1 Multiple Camera Battery Charger

Portable Adaptive Charging Hub and Modular Docking Station for Photographers and Videographers

As a photographer or videographer it is not uncommon to have multiple cameras and devices on hand at any given time; each that requires their own battery charger and exclusive battery pack. But taking all those with you means lugging around a bunch of extra bags for space or constantly having to swap out batteries or connections to get them each charged up on a single port. This has been solved by the innovative and versatile XTAR SN4 Battery Charging Hub that lets you charge multiple batteries and battery types simultaneously at home or on the go, so you never have to worry about missing a great shot or capturing a beautiful video because of a dead battery.


Modular charging dock

Compact and portable

Type-C charging allows battery charging on the go (charger can plug into car, laptop, powerbank and more)

Adaptive 3A fast charging

PD 45W super fast charger

Improves battery life

Docks are named similar to battery models for wasy identification

Advanced modular docking station: An all-in-one charging hub for cameras and other device batteries, this modular charging dock helps you quickly adapt to photography and videography shoots on the fly by keeping your batteries powered up together.

Smart, adaptive charging: Able to support max 3A charging speeds single slot this lithium battery charger offers quick charge capabilities that’s 4x faster than standard hubs or cables and automatically adjusts to the needs of your battery.

Protection to batteries: Unlike other chargers which still use pulse charging technology that fluctuates electrical currents going into the battery, we use a three-stage intelligent charging protocol, which greatly reduces battery wear and improves battery life expectancy.  The SN4 will match best charging current according the the following criterias: the input power of the charging adapter, the number of batteries being charged, the internal resistance of battery and battery type. These will allow the SN4 to adopt the most efficient and safest recharge possible.

Plug and Play connectivity: The XTAR SN4 can be set up in multiple configurations that support two or four slots depending on your charging needs. Great for beginners and professional photographers.

Save valuable travel space and clutter: More than anything, this ion battery charger helps you do away with packing up and unrolling tons of different cords as a photographer or videographer, so you can save room in your backpack, camera bag, or travel pack.



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