Zigbee Water Resistant 10W RGBW downlight


Key Features:

  • Voice control works with Alexa & Google Assistant.
  • Remote control via your smart phone.
  • Water resistant (can you used in bathrooms, outdoor etc).
  • Setting up time-based schedules to turn your lights on or off at a specific time of day depending on your requirements.
  • Setting up different scenes or moods for certain activities like watching a movie, reading a book, or entertaining.

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The SLH-RGBW10-WR-Z is a Water proof 10W RGBW Zigbee controlled smart downlight, this downlight is a direct replacement for your traditional downlight, just unplug the existing downlight and plug in the Zigbee controlled downlight. You will need to get a Zigbee hub which will be a dedicated hub to manage and control your downlights without any interferences. These smart downlights allow you to set the lights on each room to your specific colour tone and brightness, infact you can control each light in each room to how you please. The great thing about these lights are, you can control them via a switch or remotely via the app.The SLH-RGBW10-WR-Z unlike any other smart downlight offers 10W each for RGB (Red, Green and Blue) and 10 watts each for Warm white and Brilliant white. These lights are available in IP44 (not water resistant, search for SLH-RGBW10-Z) and IP65 (water resistant).

Tech Specifications:

  • Input voltage: AC100-240V.
  • Input Power: 10W.
  • Beam angle: 90 degrees.
  • Light source: High quality SMD LED
  • Power size: Oh108 H42MM.
  • Ceiling Cut out: 90-92mm.
  • AU standard SAA Approved.

What’s in the box

  • 1 x SLH-RGBW10-WR-Z, 10W RGBW Zigbee controlled smart downlight with power socket.


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